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9 Rue Git-le-Coeur

Postcards from the Beat Hotel

The Impromptu Poet
25 August 1982
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im a complicated and incomplete person.

i dont have a gender selected cause i object to the binary distinction. for those of you who care, im biologically female.

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im queer, i guess.

i just graduated in theatre from concordia. i was raised anglican, this matters less now.

im a writer. i want to do it for a living. im too chicken to send any poems to magazines or publishing companies.

im in theatre. i STAGE MANAGE. i sort of play guitar.

im fat. sometimes i wish i was thin.

things i love: the first day you can go outside without a sweater; the colour pink; vintage Canadian stuff; smart feminists; Arizona; good theatre; meeting people I would gladly move across the country to be with; the verb to violin; stoned biking (I swear, this rivals sex in my books); dumpster dive finds; Winnipeg; wanton second-hand book buying sprees; dancing in the metro; the rare occasions when I look in the mirror and smile; tattoos; etymology; people who like the fact that I use words that they have to look up; going dancing places that aren't full of slutty girls and sleezy guys; cheap art; the intelligent creation of new words.

this is my personal blog. my political blog lives at http://sexpositivefeminist.blogspot.com

i also have been known to post to The Bliss Project

stage management is love

Rooms are available at the Beat Hotel
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